What Your Healthy Whole Body & a Well-Tuned Vehicle Have in Common

It’s a common occurrence for us to use our body in order to identify ourselves. We use labels such as tall, short, thin, muscular, curvy, healthy, and unhealthy and so on. There are very few people who are able to take that step outside of a particular definition and consider our body as what it is in reality – a blessed vehicle carrying us through times of joy, troubles, victory and challenges.

Rather than define it and let that definition rule how you treat your body, because really you are much more than tall or short, thin or curvy, why not take supreme care of it. Why not treat it as the wonderful vehicle it is?

We are going to use a common metaphor to relate to the human body. We will use a car as an example. They both happen to be vehicles which can last quite a long time if properly looked after and cared for. It makes no matter what style or model your car is, as long as it gets you from point A to point B. The same will apply to your body, as long as you take care of it.

How Do You Treat Your Car And How Do You Treat Your Body?

Many of us treat our cars much better than we treat our bodies. We put only the best fuel in the gas tank, no matter how much more it costs over the regular fuel, and then we fill our bodies with food that is essentially void of nutrition. We ritually wash our cars every weekend, the metaphorical car spa and yet we don’t spend any time or money on basic self care.

When our body gives us nudges such as pings and knocks and other loud, unavoidable signals when something is required, we tend to ignore it. However, the slightest sniffle or shimmy coming from underneath the hood of the car sends us immediately to our mechanic for diagnosis and treatment.

andquot;But it’s dangerous to ignore these sounds from your car.andquot; This is in fact true, squealing brakes and grinding noises from the rear end of your car could cause an accident. The sounds and signals from your body are just as important to pay attention to.

Rather than continue on a possible path to destruction, appreciate your body in whatever situation it is in. It’s been pretty good to you this far, having taken you where you have needed to go, and hasn’t let you down as of yet. If you start taking fantastic care of it today, you will be able to embrace you healthy whole body.

Think About Consider These Questions:Your car will be unable to run or take you where you want to go without putting in the right grade of fuel. Are you running on empty? Using the best fuel? If you’re not, begin today to make small changes. Drink more water, replace empty calories with nutrients. Feed your body well and it’ll take you far.

Are you paying attention to the check engine light blinking on your dashboard? We’re talking about self care here, are you setting time aside for yourself, getting regular checkups, and striving for some kind of balance. You don’t have to schedule a weekly massage or a thousand dollar spa spending spree, if you can of course go for it. However, you can take a walk, take a candle lit bubble bath, spend time playing board games with your friends and family – there are a lot of ways to step back and enjoy your life, find balance, and take care of the signals your body is sending you.

It makes complete sense to take care of your personal well-being in all ways you know how and are capable of. You can choose to wait until the car breaks down on the side of the road to get the repaired done, or you can choose regular maintenance, bringing the car in for diagnostic checks at the first sign of a shudder or rattle that doesn’t feel right, or that spot of oil you just noticed in the driveway, any problem.

Finally, when the tread gets thin on your tires, you replace them right? What about when your tread gets thin? We all need to take time to evaluate our lives, where we are and where we’re going. Our needs change over time and if we ignore these changing needs we ignore who we are – not a good thing for our health or our happiness.

So, next time you’re at the gas station or washing your car step back and remember that you wouldn’t be able to do any of those tasks if it weren’t for the divine vehicle you’re residing in – your body. Take great care of it; it’s the only one you get.