Leaders in the field of preschool enrichment programs in Singapore and their parents who register for these enrichment programs often have a difficult time when considering the advantages and disadvantages of the enrichment program.

Parent’s decisions in Singapore are focused on thinking through programmatic learning philosophy and care about the knowledge that can enhance their children’s lives.

Yet when evaluation components are carefully built into the planning process, they can often serve as a powerful adjunct to enhance the quality of service provision. An example of one such enrichment program in Singapore is The Umonics Method.

The Umonics Method is a memory training enrichment program for preschoolers. Preschooler memory abilities are tested from the first lesson right up to the last. Parents are able to track the evaluation process thus making a conscious decision every term on whether or not to continue the program.

“We’ve had a 98% retention rate since we started. The 2% comes from parents moving back to their countries or moving schools that do not have the Umonics Method program”, said Sancy Suraj, the man behind The Umonics Method. “We knew we needed strong evaluation criteria when we were planning for the program”, Sancy added.

Decisions as to how much evaluation to do, how to pick the right instruments, and how to train the preschool teachers to become critical for establishing not only the technical dimensions of evaluation but also the significance of evaluation should be in the blueprint of all preschool enrichment programs.

When leaders are clear and convincing, then the employees will realise how important this component will be in helping a preschool enrichment program meet its targeted goals for parents; they may change from suspicion of the program to enthusiastic support for the program just like The Umonics Method.

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