How To Retire Young

Now I know this might sound a little cheesey, but I whole wholeheartedly believe you can retire young with positive thinking. Infact, I believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to, but I want to talk about retiring young in particular.

Majority of people would love to retire young. Admittedly some people prefer working until they’re old and grey, but ask most people and they would jump on the opportunity. However, the surprising thing is, most people think it’s unrealistic. If you ask “Do you think you will be retired by the time your 40?” most people would automatically say no, they assume it’s too unrealistic..

When it comes to big changes like this, having a good positive mindset helps a lot. If you have a dream, you just have to go for it. You need to take that thought of ‘unrealism’ out of your head, because as soon as you think this way, you make that thought real. You see, our thoughts are PHYSICAL, they make things happen. All takes is a Dream + Perserverance and you will get there, let time take it’s course.

The reason I used the example of retiring young, is because that is my main goal in life. I really don’t want to start living life when I’m old, that would be too depressing. All I’m really trying to say in this article is Go for your dream and don’t stop. Yes, you will have obstacles along the way, and yes sometimes you may even doubt yourself.

But remember, perserverance always pays off, there is no denying that. All of the successful people in the world who started from nothing, never gave up. You can bet your bottom dollar that they probably failed along the way but they never gave up.

Think of failure as a learning curve, like a step by step process. You had to fail at that certain thing to realise how to improve. And finally there wont be any room for failure because you would of completed the process. You really wouldn’t believe how powerful the mind is, you can do amazing things. Once upon a time it was unrealistic to walk in to a room, press a switch and lights come on, that’s unrealistic. Fortunately William J. Newton didn’t think so.

So that pretty much sums up what I really wanted to say. If your going to take anything from this article, please start thinking about your dreams and strive towards it.